Christina Petrie

Web Developer

I just love what you came up with. It feels sooooo good to finally have a statement that I can stand behind and that feels good to say out loud. 

Dr. Adeola Mead

Ballard Naturopathic Doctor

Meeting with Heather significantly changed my understanding of marketing and client engagement practices for the better. Heather advises with wisdom and authority. She has a gift for seeing you and your business in a way that inspires you to connect deeply with your purpose and those you endeavor to serve

Beth Lord

Founder, Write Heart Memories

Heather heard my voice and cut through the red tape of my fear. She gave me a tagline and a branding statement I can live with forever. She told me to make my website simple for people to follow and let go of the complicated marketing practices I had been taught. I also had to let go of the fear that people wouldn’t like me and my message.

Diedra Roesijadi

Founder, Therapeutic Mom

I am a massage therapist of 17 years with a small practice. (I've been focusing on family for the past five years.) I was looking to expand my client base and launch a career as an educator. I'm so glad that I was referred to Satya Solutions to help me with this transition. I must admit, at first I thought I could do it all myself. Many years ago I had built a successful private massage practice. I stand proudly corrected. There is no way I could develop and strategize my plan, comfortably set my tasks in the right order and effectively create positive relationships with my new clients on my own.


Working with Heather is an inspiring and comfortable way to take all the right steps. I don't feel the pressure of trial and error like I would if I was building my business without her consult. I really feel that I have been able to focus on the parts of my work that matter to me the most—my clients and my curriculum.

Catrice Opichka

Founder, Pure Education

I have worked with Heather on many large projects and every experience has been fantastic. She helped me create a vision statement and a tagline for my company that has been the inspiration for everything I have created since.


One of Heather's most valuable talents is her unique ability to take a client's idea or passion and use it to create professional material while still maintaining the individual's personal voice. Her individualized approach helps bring her client's vision to life. 

Heather has been instrumental in my success, and I feel her diverse background in business makes her an extremely valuable asset in business for companies large and small.

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